The Consumer Safety & Quality Policy for CAVINO SA Company’s products that are produced at its Factory in Gefira Meganiti, Aigio Region and in the Patras Ind. Area is as follows:

  • To produce, bottle and trade wine, ouzo, tsipouro, special alcoholic beverages and wine distillate with a methodology that ensures the company’s products fully comply with National and EU Legislative Requirements relating to Consumer health and safety
  • To implement the agreements that it concludes with its Customers, where its main objective is to satisfy their requirements and expectations
  • To procure Primary and Support Materials of a known and recognised quality that fully complies with the requirements of HACCP National and EU Legislation and which ensures the Consumer’s health and the safety and the high quality of the Corporate Products produced
  • To employ Staff that has been suitably educated and trained on HACCP matters and which continually implements the Rules of Good Personal Hygiene (GHP) that have been instituted by the Company. The Staff is directly aware of its obligations towards the Customers and the Company and effectively and ethically manages all of the matters that relate to the safe consumption of Corporate Products
  • To promote communication with its Customers, Suppliers and Final Customers when any item that may affect the safety of the Corporate Products in their chain of management comes to its attention
  • To implement the Quality & HACCP Targets that it has set through the effective implementation of the System, by promoting safety of consumption, reducing non compliances and maintaining the stability of the processes implemented
  • To deal sensitively and efficiently with matters relating to the protection of the Environment and to integrate their management into its business plans and targets
  • To deal sensitively and efficiently with matters relating to Community Responsibility and improving the working conditions and remuneration of its Personnel and

The Company name should be an assurance of the quality of its products, services and prestige.

In order to achieve the above, the Company has documented and implemented a Quality & HACCP Management System that satisfies the requirements of:

  • BRC Global Standard Food Safety
  • The National & Community Legislation HACCP 852/2004/EC

and which includes all of the activities that affect the quality, health and safety of consumption for its products and relations with the Customers.

The Quality System is the tool for the Company’s development, improvement and further recognition and it has the full support of the Administration on matters relating to resources – means for its effective implementation and improvement.